Lash lift:

Hello lash lift! Goodbye eyelash curlers. Mylash lift is designed to create the illusion of longer thicker lashes without the need for extensions. Our tinting and silicon shield formula strengthens, lift and darkens your natural lashes. The result of Mylash lift is immediate and you can expect the effect to last for 6 weeks. No subsequent maintenance is required.

Mylash lift: 90 minutes

High definition brows:

A combination of waxing, threading and tweezing are used to structure and tidy the brow. Waxing remove unwanted hair threading blends in harsh end to create a clean look, tweezers are used to sculpture the eyebrow shape. Tint is applied to the brow, balancing the colour to create and even contrast throughout the brow. Brow powder styles and defines the brow, while highlighter camouflages the redness around eye.

Hi brow: 45 Minuets

Eyelash extension:

Lash Perfect semi-permanent eyelash extensions come in an extensive range of lengths, thicknesses and curls to achieve the look and feel the client wants. A full set will give the client a more glamorous look, while a half set will appear more subtle and natural.

Lashes are enhanced by attaching individual synthetic eyelashes to the natural lash, making them appear thicker and longer. The individual lashes are applied using a medical grade adhesive, compliant with all EU regulations and has an allocated ISO number.

Lash Perfect: 120 Minutes

Eyelash tint/ eyebrow tint:

This effective treatment will add colour to your eyelashes and/or your eyebrows. The tint will not make them thicker, but by making them darker it can give the illusion of thicker lashes/brows. If you have not had your eyelashes/brow tinted before, a patch test will be required at least 24 hours prior to your tint.