Manicure & Pedicure:

Our signature and luxury manicure and pedicure treatments are for women and men so you can breathe easily, Sit back, relax and enjoy. Bring back that youthful glow to your hands and feet with a warm almond milk bath,

Whilst the scrub exfoliates dead skin cells,our deep moisturising message will increase the circulation and leaving it feeling as soft as silk, finished with perfect polished nails of your choice from our biggest selection of high quality nail polishes.

Manicure 55min
Pedicure 60 min

Shellac Manicure:

We are proud to introduce the original power polish. Shellac CND. The SHELLAC Brand system delivers 14+ days of high-performance wear. CND SHELLAC applies like polish and removes in minutes with no filing, buffing or damage to your natural nails.

Shellac manicure: 60 Minutes

Nail extensions (Acrylic and Hard Gel):

No doubt about it, electric files are fast-action heroes. They can shave 15 minutes to half an hour off the time it takes to do a full set of sculptured nails. Just so you know we do not use electric nail files. At Pinks Beauty our professional and creative nail technicians ensure an effortless process while using the highest quality products. CND powder and Crystal Nails liquid system Features unique patented technology that ensures flexible, resilient nail enhancements that suit your needs.
Nail Extension: 120 minutes